My daughter Mackenzie was a toddler when we first started designing Memorial Park. Today, my heart is filled with happiness seeing young families enjoy amenities we envisioned so many years ago.

Hello, I’m Marc Grant,

I love talking to people. I enjoy discovering what goals we share as individuals, friends, families and as a community.

Every time I have the opportunity for these conversations, I want to learn: how can we do better, how can I serve you better, how can we achieve these goals? My chats in our neighbourhoods run a through a litany of concerns such as healthy trees, modern parks, community safety or controlling development. Still, deep down, it always comes down to a personal matter – those things that are important to you, things that affect you in your home. I want to continue to be that individual to help you when you have those personal issues.

Speaking with people in the community, giving a voice to our common concerns, and focusing attention on the projects and priorities that matter to us all as local residents, is among the most rewarding aspects I’ve had representing Ward 5 at Oakville’s Town Council.

I’ve developed the personal, charitable and professional relationships; I am fully engaged in the issues and am completely familiar with policies to serve the Ward 5 community. Most of all, I have the necessary experience to ask the right questions and resolve the issues, big or small.

And while I’m working on the larger issues, I never lose sight of the fact that my most important work comes down to that personal level: being there when you have questions or concerns, stepping in to help resolve issues that affect you, your friends and your family. That’s why I always strive to respond to direct inquiries within 24 hours.

I believe that one solution doesn’t often work for every neighbourhood, every street, every person, and I speak out when something doesn’t make sense or needs further work to meet the needs of my constituents. When new policies are being discussed, I consider how they would fit in with the unique natures of College Park, River Oaks and the Uptown Core.

I want to continue to help us make not just Oakville, but your own space, a great place to live. I need your support to keep the momentum going. On October 24, please vote for me, Marc Grant, to remain as a strong voice for you, our families and our community as your Ward 5 Town Councillor.


Among the many things I have worked on in the community:

Championed better park amenities, such as the College Park Parks Rehabilitation project – to update our oldest parks with new structures and splash pads – which I hope to extend to River Oaks. As well, we’re close to finishing Trafalgar Memorial Park – 27.24 acres of multi-use space for families and people of all ages to enjoy

Recommended signalized crosswalks for busy intersections to ensure pedestrian safety in the Ward

Fought to allow local communities to retain on-street parking rights, and pushed developers to have sufficient parking for new projects

Saved much-loved park spaces from development, in River Oaks and College Park

Pushed for initiatives to make Transit a viable mode of transport including the Oakville Transit smart phone app, which provides real-time information when you need it

Advocated for SPLIT (Subsidized Passes for Low Income Transit) Passes to be utilized locally for fixed-income Seniors and those living at the poverty level

Worked with Town and Library Staff to be better prepared to serve those with Autism, leading to the use of the MagnusCards app currently being employed by the Oakville Public Library and Oakville Transit

Encouraged ideas that would allow cyclists and drivers to safely “Share the Road”, seeking ideas that benefit both drivers and cyclists using well-defined markings without dangerous barriers

Rallied Council to support the “Saving the Girl Next Door” bill, to give the Province more power to end human trafficking

Supported new tree protection Bylaw, and helped to define new planting standards in North Oakville to ensure new trees survive

With your help, I want to continue to:

Reduce gridlock through new-technology control systems for traffic lights, and effective transit alternatives

Maintain reasonable taxation and responsible spending, as Oakville illustrated during the COVID crisis. The Town’s finances have been openly independently audited for the past two decades to show that we work towards the best practices for our residents

Seek and implement innovative and realistic solutions to reduce driver speeding in our neighbourhoods

Support equitable, sustainable and mitigated development; preventing sprawl, while keeping high-density development to our ‘growth nodes’

Continue the park rehabilitation project through College Park and expand it into communities in River Oaks; refurbishing older amenities and keeping our play spaces looking clean and new

Develop innovative affordable housing solutions, and programs to provide a leg up to Seniors on fixed incomes and those living on the poverty line


I'm not around right now. But you can send me an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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